It's about Israel, 

                                                               it's about you and me.

And it's for all university students.

"I care about Israel, but on campus it's not that
   simple. Every time I get into a discussion about Israel ...."

"The hostility on campus is so toxic, even though I visit Israel and I know about Israel, I just can’t keep up with the latest lies.”

You are not alone. We are getting together at Brydon Bay for a
   weekend at Camp Shalom. 

- Meet students from other campuses
- Internationally reknowned analysts, commentators and journalists
- Collaborate with some of the best minds in the field
- Test yourself on the battlefield of ideas
- Collusion and choruses around the campfire
- Relax on the waterfront, in the woods and at the sports fields

 Join us for the long weekend
       Friday June 28th to Monday July 1st
       for Brydon Bay 2019 - Israel Boot Camp @ Camp Shalom
       1110 Brydons Bay Road, Gravenhurst, Ontario, P1P 1A2

Registration - $90.00, all food, accomodation and Shabbat included

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